In January our Scouts and Explorers are usually grabbing their tents, packing their bags and heading down to Gilwell park to have a weekend full of activities, camping and the cold!

But this year is different! Of course we can’t go camping together, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a weekend of activities and camping (and of course the cold)! The organisers of Wintercamp have gone and created over 150 activities to fill your weekend, the question is whether you’ll be setting up camp in your garden?

And it’s not just for Scouts and Explorers this year, there’ll be activities for the Beavers and Cubs.

So how do you take part?

You can head over to and have a look at the activities that will be taking part. Then between the 15th and 17th January all will be revealed, with Wintercamp TV broadcasting all weekend and all the activities available to complete.

So get ready… keep warm…. and have fun!